Frequently Asked Questions

Does the App track my location?
No.  The App uses the location you enter when you sign up.  All Users will find you at that fixed location. The App will not pinpoint your specific street address, or track your movements. For your privacy, GPS is not enabled.  And you can change your location at any time by editing your Profile.

Is the App for one particular fellowship or group?

No, the App is "without borders."  It is for ALL readers of The Urantia Book, no matter their affiliation.

Is there a fee for the App?

Not any longer.  Thanks to a generous benefactor, we are able to offer the App free of charge.

Can I block a User from contacting me again?
Yes.  You have the option in the User’s Profile page to block and unblock a User.

Can I find out how many Urantia Book readers are using the App?
From the Search page, select “All” and it will show the locations of all current Users. To contact a User shown on the "All" link, you will need to search his or her location. Remember we are building the database so the number of users will continue to increase.

What are The Life and Teachings of Jesus videos?  

These are a series of videos created by illustrating Part IV of The Urantia Book “The Life and Teachings of Jesus,” Papers 120-196.  These videos are used as part of our LTJ Reading Program designed to unite Urantia Book readers by considering one paper each week as a united spiritual family. Click here for more information on the LTJ Reading Program.

How do I find the full video library for Part IV of The Urantia Book?
The full 250-video library of  “The Life and Teachings of Jesus” it only available to students of TheChristExperiment’s SCHOOL OF AMBASSADORS.


What sort of Notifications will I receive?
You will receive notifications about new videos that are released, the Annual Remembrance Supper commemoration, new App releases, debugging and fixes, and other items of interest.

Is the App available in languages other than English?
Currently, it is only available in English.  But we are working with our developers to develop the App in other languages.  Feel free to suggest languages that you are interested in.

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